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My Own Personal Record...

Posted: 2013-07-22 09:40 AM
I threw up in 4 states at one time (4 Corners in SW USA).

I believe I hold the record for being charged with 57 counts of underage drinking. I was 22 and was responsible for everyone at the party.

I had my tools stolen out of my work truck 3 times in 2 weeks.

We had a mini tootsie roll contest and I won with 33 mini tootsie rolls in my mouth at one time. Beat that!

I got two speeding tickets on the same day on the same street. The judge said to me "How did that happen?". She found it funny and let me slide on both of them.

I have been called for jury duty 7 times picked to be in 6 trials. I'm 6 for 7.

I have been pooped on 4 times by birds flying overhead.
I've torn my ACL four times.

I went through 7 cell phones in 6 months.

I tried out for nine sports teams in high school and made zero!

I have been flashed by random men 6 times in my lifetime.
Three of my ex-girlfriends have come out of the closet after dating me.

I have had three life guarding jobs. At each one, I had to jump in to save someone on my first shift of my first day.

I set a record for myself and my dentist... I had 28 cavities at once!

Every time I start a new job, within three months, someone in my family dies. This has happened at the past four jobs I've had. I just started a new job, so I'm a little worried.

I hold the record at our hospital for the longest birth...
My daughter took 66 hours before they decided to do a c section

My own record is the most number of days not showering in the summer heat... and not having anybody notice. 2 full weeks!

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