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I'm Feeling Guilty Because...

Posted: 2013-07-31 10:56 AM
Feeling a bit guilty about sleeping with the neighbor's wife.

Hitting a parked car and not leaving a note. Oops my bad.

I'm feeling guilty today because I peed the bed a little last night and when I woke up I told my girlfriend that it was the dog.

I don't want to see my sister's bad community theater production of Music Man, but don't know how to tell her.

I feel guilty for accidentally spilling some bleach on my roommates maid of honor dress that she needs Saturday. I haven't told her!

I feel guilty that I stole my coworkers pop tart out of the toaster. I shouldn't
have but it just looked so good!

Last night I started sexting with an old flame. This would devastate my current girl friend if she found out. She's 6 months pregnant.

I honked and flipped off someone driving 10 mph under the speed limited,
while passing the car I noticed it was a 75 year old grandma driving the with
little kids in the back seat. Oops :-(

We took our kids to Disney World last month and at the end of the trip, I forgot our camera in the rental car. Our 3 year old will never have any memories from the trip!

Today I had to ask 4 people to work on their day off and told 25 people were
going back to 6 day work weeks. Stinks being the boss.

Feeling guilty about being too tired to have sex with my girlfriend last night.

I took my husband's favorite pillow from him last night.

Feeling guilty for farting in my nephew's face while he plays video games.

I feel guilty for dumping a cup of water over my sleeping brothers head because he refused to move the car today.

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