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My #1 Rule When Dating a Man

Posted: 2013-08-02 09:34 AM
My dating rule is he MUST like hot pockets and beer.

My rule is no gifts over around fifty bucks for the first year. I feel slightly guilty if I want to end the relationship.

When I'm dating a guy my one rule is...if he asks me on a date and I offer up
money when the bill comes and he takes it....we are done dating.

I don't tell him the correct number of people I've had sex with
We can't be friends on Facebook!!!

I won't pluck my boob hairs in front of a guy I date.

Never say no to sex two times in a row because your "tired".

I don't talk about how many times I poop with my guy.

I only wear panties till date 3.

Never date a man with his own name, tattooed in old English across his back!
No flossing in front of them!

I don't go down on him until he goes down on me!!

I don't tell him my credit score... let's just say it doesn't scream financially

No backdoor play, until he puts a ring on it!

Wear make up aaaall the time. No matter what!

He MUST be a Bears Fan!

No beans or cruciferous veggies the day before or the same day I will see him.
Absolutely no picture taking during sexy time!

I will never eat messy foods in front of a man I'm dating.
Never pop a zit!

I refuse to touch my boyfriend if he's really sweaty... I won't even hold his hand.

I can't out drink him.

Teeth. White and perfect teeth are a MUST!!

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