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The Most Romantic Thing He/She Has Done...

Posted: 2013-08-06 09:55 AM
I texted him this: I love you. That's all. He responded: I love you. That is everything!

My girlfriend made a board game of our date night. Each roll had a question at the end of it and the path I took determined our appetizer, entree, and desert.

My husband surprised me with a date night to get our picture taken with
Lord Stanley!

He pooped upstairs bathroom so the kitchen wouldn't smell during a romantic dinner.

For our first anniversary, he made me a scrapbook of our first year together
including photos, ticket stubs from the movie we went to on our first date, and the menu from the restaurant we met at!

We were in Hawaii and I loved a ring at a jewelry store. I didn't get it and regretted it when we got home. Months later on Valentine's Day, I opened a gift from him and there was the ring!

I came home on my birthday and when I walked in my wife was standing there in a school girl outfit holding a tray of a dozen beef and chedders with a pile of curly fries!

My husband rented a wooden dance floor and put it on the front lawn of our lake house, hired a band, decorated the trees with lights, and when I got there, he asked me to dance with him in the moonlight.

I recently went to Montana on a camping trip without my boyfriend and we had no phone contact for five days. He gave me a romantic card to open for each day while we were apart!

When the church we got married in was demolished he brought me a brick so I could always have a piece of where we started our life together.

Most romantic thing he does is take me out to my favorite ice cream place WITHOUT the kids - no faces to wipe, no tantrums to deal with -- just me, him and ice cream!

He came to pick me up at my house to go out to dinner. Before we could leave I asked him to help me lift a few heavy items from the garage, take out the garbage, and move some things around the backyard. When we finally got to his place he had made dinner and covered his apartment in candles! They'd been lit the entire time!

I was in a severe car accident a week before prom, so I never got to go...
on my 30th birthday he rented my High School gym, flew in my friends, bought me a dress, and gave me my prom!

He bought a sign language book set to learn sign language and be
able to talk with my deaf niece.

He over heard me telling my sister that I couldn’t find anything to wear to the Prince concert we were going to. The next day he surprised me with a selection of all purple outfits!

He got a vasectomy!

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