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What Goes Through Your Mind When He Talks About His Ex?

Posted: 2013-08-23 09:41 AM
I bet I'm prettier and have a better body than her ;)

I just think "Dumb bitch. You lost him and he's mine." :)

Pure rage.

So, why did his Mom like her more than me?

When he talks about his ex, I want to punch them both in the throat.

"Is that why he wanted me to dye my hair blonde?"

I'm such an upgrade.

Was she better at doing that than me?

I immediately picture them having sex.

Does she have bigger tatas than me?

His taste in women has gotten SO much better.

"Why don't you go back to your home on WHORE ISLAND?!"

I want to bite 2/3rds of her nose off.

How can I make him never want to think about her again?

Will I be hotter than her in 20 years?

When he starts talking about her, its an eye roll, then the thoughts of a bus, an accidental push and a "sad" face.

I WONDER: When they had sex... Did she keep her prosthetic leg on or off?

She's welcome to have you back.

I cannot believe how low your standards were. She looks like Ms.Piggy.

Who cares about the skank, I won!

"I bet SHE doesn't have great motor boating boobs like I do!"

"She was the smart one for getting away."

I wish she would be our cleaning lady. All anyone can say about her is how
clean she kept her house.

Should I talk to his ex about his issues?

I want to know if his friends would rather sleep with me or her?

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