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How do you keep it Hot & Spicy?

Posted: 2013-09-03 10:17 AM
To keep things hot I treat her like a stripper. Like a dirty, dirty stripper. The dirtier the better.

What day is it? Tongue only Tuesday. That keeps it hot!

Nooners while the kids are at school.

When I know my boyfriend is in a meeting and can't respond, I will email or text a sexy, provocative photo and caption like, "Hurry home, I have something special on the menu tonight."

My wife and I write our fantasies down, put them in a hat, and randomly pick ones to act out.

We have naked movie Mondays... We watch a movie (not a porn) in the nude...
Not sure why, but we always end up fooling around.

Rubbing just a dab of hot sauce in the nether regions really spices it up in the
bedroom! It brings new levels of the big O for both parties EVERYTIME!

You just can't beat doing that while driving!

We made a list of different places we want to have sex and started checking
them off!

Cook dinner with JUST an apron and high heels.....and keep the heels on for

We add a third to share!

We use ice cubes to spice it up!

We get a hotel room downtown, open the curtains, and pretend there are people in the buildings across from us watching.

Have sex in risky places. Like our car in a public place.

Bacon, lots and lots of bacon.

My husband travels for work, I pick him up at the airport in a sexy nightie
and rain coat!

We don't live together so we have very naughty Skype sessions.

I leave little notes in my husband's wallet describing the position we'll try
out when he gets home from work.

I keep it hot by texting him photos of the goods from time to time. I sent him
some cleavage this morning. He'll be at home waiting for some fun tonight!

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