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Your Most Unexpected Compliment

Posted: 2013-09-04 09:47 AM
At Renaissance Faire a lady came up to me and said... "You have an amazing thigh, can I take a picture of it?"

When I was giving birth and getting my epidural, the person doing it said I had a great body shape. My spine looked great. What does that even mean??

A random grocery bag girl at my grocery store asked me if I was still dating my ex because she used to see us in there a lot. I said "No, we broke up." She said "Well, good. You're too good for him. I saw him in here last week with some trashy looking girl buying a pregnancy test!." Totally made my day!!!

I received a compliment on my shoes from a bus boy at a restaurant. Word for word, "wicked kicks, yo." I dated him for 4 months.

I was in Lakeview and a homeless man commented that he had seen me before. I asked where and he said "The Heavenly Body's commercial."

I got this compliment from a random, probably 21 year old guy in a bar when I was 32 and 7 months pregnant, "I'm sorry, but I just had to tell you that you are like the hottest pregnant chick I've ever seen!"

It was actually aimed at my 18 month old son. The Jewel bagging lady saying that he was so good looking and we will have to start teaching about sex early because he's going to be popular with the girls. Creepy.

A woman, easily in her 70s, came up to me in the mall and said, "You've got a great ass!"

A complete stranger said "You look like somebody who really enjoys sex." after watching me at a formal ballroom dance competition.

I was at the high school to register my 18 year old daughter and the school
secretary asked if I was a student...I'm 46

From a Cincinnati airport security worker after a long day of business travel:
"Ma'am, you are WEARIN' that dress!"

My coworker told me one day that I had really pretty armpits!! It was totally
unexpected!! Who says that?? I work in a vet hospital and was restraining a pet.

That sweater looks beautiful I didn't think someone with your figure could pull it off. A compliment and a burn from my Mother in Law.

My ex girlfriend's mom told me I'm a really great guy and that I deserve better than her daughter.

I was told I had a strong tongue... by my dentist.

My mom said, in front of the whole family, "You have the best boobs out of all your sisters." Embarrassing, awkward, unexpected, but yet, still a compliment.

While giving confession at my church, The priest told me that I smelled like cupcakes!!

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