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The Strangest Thing You've Seen That Defies Explanation

Posted: 2013-09-05 09:37 AM
A middle aged woman got on the bus wearing a full gas mask that covered her whole head.

While in Starbucks enjoying my latte, the 20 something girl next to me pulls a disposable razor from her purse and shaves her legs and arm pits!!

A guy driving onto 290 was playing guitar and RECORDING IT ON HIS LAPTOP!

While honeymooning in Spain my husband and I decided to go to the local zoo. To get to the zoo you had to take a chair lift when we got off the chair lift there were many questionable women...we didn't think much about it until we got back on the chair lift to leave and from our eagle eye view we saw the women were "working girls" and were performing sexual favors in the tall grasses of the zoo!

While moving my daughter into college in Michigan, there was a girl on her floor who was trying to look like a vampire, ON PURPOSE! Fake creepy contacts and fangs which looked totally real!

I saw a man jogging with his large dog. The strange thing was his dog had a little jockey attached to it's back!

I went to north avenue beach and left my shorts in the sand to go into the water. When I came back,there was a man licking and sniffing my shorts. When I said something, he got up and ran off withmy shorts.

I found a guy taking a whiz on my car in the Walmart parking lot!

I'm a hairstylist and one of my clients would meow and lick herself everywhere and purr. If she got thirsty she would ask if I had any milk.

I saw a guy driving his motorcycle on I-90, taking a selfie using his iPad!

A person driving (driving!!) with a brown paper bag over their head with holes cut out for their eyes. At a stoplight, they turned and looked at me. Creepy.

I was on the L and a middle aged man was wearing see through black fish net pants with no underwear... You could see everything!!

I heard a little girl flipping out in the park one day and turned to see a squirrel completely snarled in her hair!

I was at the DMV and this larger lady had a little girl with her. The little girl was running around and the lady started chasing her. The lady's pants fell down revealing a pink thong. All she could say was "Sorry."

Driving down 65 I passed a guy doing the shake weight while driving.

At a Summerfest concert in Milwaukee, I saw a lady pull a brick of cheese from her purse and start eating it.

I was at a Payless shoe store and a girl I didn't know asked me to "keep an eye out" while she changed her pants in the middle of the aisle. She wanted to see how the shoes looked with different

I was at a Halloween party and I saw the Tin Man knock out Elmo. The tin man then proceeded to pee on Elmo. I left shortly after.

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