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What should Jay Cutler text to Brian Urlacher about his retirement?

Posted: 2013-09-13 09:35 AM
Anyway, lets do lunch! How's about mid February? I'll show you my Super Bowl ring.

Sorry Boo- let's go get some mani/pedis when the seasons over- cosmos on me!

Hey Brian,enjoy your retirement and i hope that thing you caught from Paris Hilton clears up.

"Yo, Lach, I'mma let you finish, but Gale Sayers had one of the best retirements of all time."

Sorry I didn't reach out to you sooner but I dropped my phone in the toilet.

Hey, if you're looking for work my deck needs some fixing.

I took you out to dinner once. That doesn't make us official.

Bri, you're right, I forgot to wish you happy retirement... call the PR staff and
get approval for an interview and we'll talk.

I sent a text, it probably got intercepted.

I'm not here to start no trouble, but we don't let cryers do the Super Bowl shuffle.

I am sorry Brain meant to send you a fruit basket and a tin of nuts!

Yo, Bro Montana, I totes lost your # dude otherwise I would've reached out
earlier. Good career bro. L8R!



Soooo how about them Bears???

Hey Brian, check your mail. I sent you a box of tampons.

Sorry bro... brown chicken brown cow, you understand!

I miss you!!

I'm sorry that I didn't call but I couldn't bare the thought of not seeing your cute hairy tummy in the locker room.

Take a Midol, bro.

I totally owe you lunch!! Let me know when you're available, I'll check with Kristen to see if I can go.

Hey Brian, it's Jay. SUCK IT!

How can I make it up to you? I can sign a football for you... ok?

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