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My Messed Up Relationship

Posted: 2013-09-23 09:35 AM
I dated a guy for 3 years who had 2 restraining orders against him from his last 2 girlfriends. I ended up being the 3rd girl with a restraining order.

My first ex never actually broke up with me. He just stopped talking to me.
Technically, we're still dating! (5 years)

At the end of the first date she revealed to me that she just got out of the adult film industry.

I went on a date with a guy who asked if I could pick him up. Over dinner he told me that he didn't have a car because of his DUI record! When I dropped him off afterwards, he asked if I wanted to come up to his room at the half-way house!

He wore more makeup and hair product than me.

The relationship was messed up because the woman I was dating was using me to see if she was a lesbian or not. She's not.

While we were dating, he became a drug addict and I had no idea. So, during
the course of the relationship, he became homeless.

I started dated an old High School sweetheart & everything was great and hot.
Then one weekend he disappeared. I found out he had been arrested. I went to bail him out... and so did the other woman he was seeing on the side.

I went on a couple of double dates with a guy in high school, he was great in a group, but when we finally got alone he creeped me out. Years later, the police called me because he'd been arrested for kidnapping and had my photo in his "book".

I dated a coworker who I met after he had spent a year in prison - for stabbing a Fire fighter in the neck during a bar fight (the guy survived). He had a tattoo on his collarbone that said "Mama Tried".

I found out I was pregnant so I was looking for the father to tell him. I couldn't find him. It ended up he was in jail.

I dated a guy whose condo was directly above my Mom's.

I dated my best friend's father and then her mother dated my brother...

I was dating a stripper for a while and took her to a family party. She told me later that she recognized my dad and had given him a lap dance.

I just found out I've dated my boyfriend's father. Now, I'm not sure whether or not to keep dating the son.

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