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My Weird, Random Thought...

Posted: 2013-09-27 09:38 AM
From time to time I wonder if anyone has ever had one of THOSE kinds of dreams about me.

I wonder what Will Smith is doing RIGHT NOW.

How fast someone blinks based on their picture. (Slow blinker, rapid blinker..) you can tell a lot about someone by their blink speed.

I wish an elderly lady walking by would fall and break some bones so I could
nurse my way to the top of her inheritance list.

If only the road was open range to bump cars like bumper cars I'd feel a lot better driving amongst idiots!

I couldn't get fired from work for sexually assaulting women in my office if I was invisible.

I hope someone rear ends me so I can get that dent in my bumper fixed.

If I stab my hand maybe I won't have to cook for these people.

When my husband runs into the store to get something quick... I often think of driving away without him. Is that wrong?

While shopping, I've thought I bet I could totally walk out of this store with this item right now and not get caught.

We use all paper files at work. I often wonder how difficult it would be to get
away with arson. A fire would get me out of work for at least a month.

My soon to be ex was in hospital after a heart attack. It seriously crossed my mind to sneak in hospital at night and stand over him and yell "BOO"!

To get a good nights sleep, the thought of smothering my husband with a pillow has crossed my mind on more than one occasion!

When I drive down a wooded road I wonder how many dead bodies are
surrounding me.

(I'm a flight attendant) When we land and if this plane runs off the runway, I'm totally ok with it if no one gets hurt because I automatically get a few weeks off with pay to recover from the trauma. I'd even tale a broken arm.

I think if I were a tyrant, I would be a nice one.

I look at people and think, how the heck do they have sex?

Sometimes I'd like to break my arm or leg at work so I could stay at home for a couple months and get paid for it.

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