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The thing I'm hiding from everyone else...

Posted: 2013-10-01 09:48 AM
I'm 28 and I still pick my nose. All the time. Daily.

I accidentally just clogged the toilet at my boyfriend's place. So embarrassed!

I'm 30 years old and totally afraid of the dark. I have ridiculous electric bills!

I am terrified of Lake Michigan.

I am a fireman, but I am afraid of heights.

I'm afraid of geese...all that hissing freaks me out!

Everyone thinks I got my tubes tied. Including my husband. You never know
when you might want kid number 4.

I've never seen a single episode of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Whenever people
start singing the opening song I just go along and pretend I know it.

I can't type. I use my pointer fingers to type while at work. I'm an accountant.

I'm a young nurse and I am an expert on insects! My fiance just found out when I classified a bug in front of him!

I am hiding from my current employer that I lied on my resume about graduating from college with an accounting degree.

I'm hiding this secret that I like to watch transformers cartoons. I'm a 42 year
old mom.

I've been sexting with my boyfriend's twin brother for months.

After I had my kids, every time I cough, I pee a little in my pants.

I never learned how to ride a bicycle. I'm 28 and even my boyfriend doesn't know.

At 44 I still can't parallel park.

I'm a 25 year old guy and I take bubble baths pretty much every night.
I pee in the shower.

Sometimes I wear PJs under my pants during cold weather. It makes my legs look bigger, keeps me warm, and when I come home I take off my pants and BAM! I'm ready for bed.

My youngest daughter was conceived in a Burger King parking lot.

I was male cheerleader for one year in high school. NONE of my friends know.

I am unreasonably afraid of any flying or jumping insect. Just the other day I left my 3-year old twins to fend for themselves while a stranger removed a grasshopper from our car.

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