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The Question I'm Scared to Ask My Significant Other

Posted: 2013-10-02 09:37 AM
He was engaged to last girlfriend, but they broke it off. I want to know how he
proposed and what her ring looked like!

Have you broken your nose before, or is that look all natural?

He has the name Amy tattooed on his shoulder. Who is Amy??

Was my Ditka Bigger than his Ditka?

Why does your mom still talk to your ex?

What are all his prescription meds for? He's 27 and has a pill case bigger than
my grandmother's.

How much money do you have saved and how much debt do you have?

I want to know if her father is part of the Italian mafia because he always references his "money" in the back yard and I think he is a hitman.

I want to ask my girlfriend of three years why her parents got divorced. She is a lot like her mom and I worry that if we get married, we might have the same problem.

Do you have an STD?

How many court appearances he's actually had and why?

I've always wanted to know if I'm better in bed then his first wife?

I want to know if you did anything "physically" with "that" person when you worked out of town for 3 months. You say no but your texts & emails tell a different story.

I'm in a new relationship and I just discovered that our last names both come from a very small farm town in Ohio. Are we related?

Why does he keep introducing toys...for him...into our intimate time?

I want to know if my significant other ever forgets to mention he's not single when talking with someone really attractive.

He's not religious, but he silently prays every night before bed. I'm dying to know what he's praying about?!?

My girlfriend - when she was a bit tipsy - hinted at "experimenting" with another woman - but when pressed she refuses to give any details - it's TORTURE!

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