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The Worst Best Man/Maid of Honor Speech

Posted: 2013-10-04 09:33 AM
My cousin got married and had his 16 year old son as best man. He stood up with sunglasses on, said "ugh...hi...dad...congrats...ok, bye." It was the most awkward thing ever!

The Best Man said "They've been together since prom. They didn't go together, but they woke up together."

He mentioned maybe 3-4 times how much he "hated the bride", but, you know, he was "really happy for the groom"!

My second wedding my maid of honor gave a speech, drunk, all about my decision to leave my first husband. I almost tackled her.

The best man (the groom's brother) at a friend's wedding started the speech with, "We always thought Pat was gay."

Opening best man line: "Me and Jimmy used to have some great times together until this little slut came along."

Was a guest at a wedding where all nine groomsmen gave a speech... 7 out of 9 started off by saying "I didn't really like Gina until she started drinking..."

My husband's best man was his twin brother. He was drunk and said since his
brother got me, he should get my mother!

I went to a wedding where my good friend Eric was marrying his bride, Holly. During the best man speech, he called them Eric and Kathy twice in the same speech!

At my sister's wedding, the best man (my husband now) talked about how he and the groom used to fart in a cup and cover it up with a ball and then a half hour later to see if it still smelled.

After a few drinks. The best man brought up how he saw the brides father at the strip club weeks prior. His wife then slapped him, threw water in his face and stormed out.

I married a police officer and my twin brother turned the speech into a porn scene about tying me up with handcuffs and other kinky topics.

I was at a wedding and the maid of honor just said "f*** it, just f*** it... f*** it"
as she cried.

Best man was the groom's brother. Started off sweet, then called the groom a
d-bag and talked about how awful he was to live with.

My best man said "I hope you two have many children and some of them will be Randy's".

At my brother's wedding the best man was quite intoxicated and ended his speech by chanting 'let's go love!', punching the cake, and walking out never to seen again that night.

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