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The Best Gossip You Heard From Your Man

Posted: 2013-10-07 09:46 AM
His brother 'opened up' his marriage.

My boyfriend told me that our 25 year-old friend is dating a 19 year old.

My husband's HR Department asked him to BCC them on all emails between him and a coworker because they want to terminate the coworker so they are
documenting her unprofessional emails.

He told me his sister who is married is having an affair with his best friend who is also married.

A male friend told me that he cheated on his wife with an 18 year old two months into his marriage.

A guy he works with thinks he is dating a stripper but can't understand why they can only have sex at the club and why he has to pay for it.

He told me that our friend is cheating on his girlfriend with the next door neighbor.

My husband found out that his parents weren't legally married because his father never got divorced from his first marriage when he was very young.

My husband told me that a mutual friend has the hots for him. I asked "Why do I want to know this?" He said, "Now you know how lucky you are."

My husband came home from work & told me that a male nurse he has worked with for 5 years he has been sleeping with a few of the female nurses and they all just found out they weren't the only one.

Our next door neighbor is cheating on his wife with our across the street neighbor's husband!

My fiance's buddy is going to propose and he's more excited about it than me. He won't stop talking about it!

One of his buddy's wives spent some time in "White Collar Prison".

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