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The line in your obituary that will blow us away.

Posted: 2013-10-29 09:56 AM
She was a celebrity for a few hours after she won a bikini contest at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas because she did the worm on the platform in the middle of the pool.

The coolest school bus driver of district 46.

Kiss my ass good bye. Seriously.

Here lies the guy that watched too much porn!

She lived her life as risky & carefree as the planes she jumped from.

Colleen's bucket list seemed to have a hole in it but she kept filling it up.

He divorced his wife and married her best friend.

"This Guy."

He brought smiles to all with his nacho cheese machine.

DeAnn helped children all across the world for her whole life by donating time, money and love to make each of their lives prosper.

The guy who carved a 40 yard long penis in the snow on his high school football field.

Amazing in the sack and even better in the kitchen!

Closed casket, open bar.

She was born on vacation and stayed on vacation her whole life.

She was richer for knowing you.

Loved cheesy potatoes.

Always left the ladies satisfied.

Rob's buddy once shared an elevator with the guy who played Jaws in the James Bond movies, and often told Rob about it.

Married an oil heir retired at 29 sailed the world for ten years and divorced well.

Managed to make it through high school without getting pregnant.

A loving person who put up with a lot of crap from her siblings. In lieu of flowers she asked that her siblings stay home.

She did all she could to remind her kids that she had eyes in the back of head!

I never liked any of you. I am so happy I don't have to pretend anymore.

Was clinically dead twice, guess the 3rd time's the charm!

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