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The Idiotic Thing My Significant Other Said

Posted: 2013-11-04 09:52 AM
My husband said to me "you don't fold my socks the right way, like my mom".
Haven't folded his socks again. Going on 12 years now.

I was in labor in the hospital when my husband said...."Huh...I thought there
would be more going on."

Until I met you i liked athletic builds , who knew that I was a chubby chaser!

I asked my husband if I died who would he date. Instead of saying no one honey he answered Sarah his coworker.

My husband just got back from his friends bachelor party this weekend and told me there were strippers, and pulled out their business card and asked if I wanted to see their website.

He told me, the first time we.. u know.., "you're not as skinny as u look!!" He
thought it was a compliment.

Ironically, my idiot husband said this to me this past Saturday.."well none of us look like we did when we were 20..sometimes you have to lower your standards on what you expect.. I have.. When you were 20, you had a smokin hot body"

One time we were having a nice romantic evening. And he whispered in my ear, I love your body. Those thunder thighs. Needless to say that killed the mood.

I told my husband I Thought it would be fun to be Michael Jackson for Halloween... He said "yeah but Michael Jackson was skinny"

My husband told me Godzilla could wear my pants.

I should have married my high school sweet heart. (I am not she)

Have you ever seen yourself from behind?

Honey, you're not fat, just over weight.

Maybe you should start cheating on me again so you lose the weight that you
put back on.

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