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How I Paid Off the Bet I Lost...

Posted: 2013-11-06 07:40 AM
I bet that pepper spray didn't have real pepper in it. I lost and had to get
pepper sprayed directly in the face.

I lost. She got to wax all of my body hair including my beard.

I lost a bet to my buddies. I had to stand naked as all 9 of them shot me with high powered paint ball guns. The only thing I had on was a mask.

Played drunken monopoly. First one to lose all their money had to swallow their game piece. I lost. I was the top hat.

My fiance had to get a tattoo that says "F**k Jimmy Buffet" after losing a bet.

Many years ago I lost the bet and I had to streak in the middle of winter around the center of a hotel parking lot.

In a drunken stupor at the Southside Irish Parade, I bet my boyfriend of three
weeks $100 that we would end up getting married. 4 years ago I collected on
the bet, which goes to show I will do anything for $100.

I lost a bet with my roommate and had to go outside and do naked jumping jacks while singing "Like a Virgin" by Madonna loudly!

I lost a bet with a friend and she made me go into where she works and
pretend I worked there. Her coworkers kept asking who I was and what I was doing and I kept saying "I'm working." This lasted about an hour.

I bet my wife if she got 30 quiz game questions right in an hour, I'd buy her ANY CAR she wanted. Well, she won, got the car, and then got the license plate I NU IT to rub it in.

I bet that I could drink a gallon of milk in one hour. I lost and had to bleach
one eyebrow.

My coworker and I bet that the last one to make it up the stairs to the top of
Willis Tower during the "Climb to the Top" event would have to touch our boss' ass and make it look like an accident. I lost, but our boss is really hot!

I had to eat 6 live cicadas after not being able to chug 3 beers in a row.

My buddy and I bet $5 that I couldn't get with this woman at the bar.
Well, I did get with her, but then ended up with an STD... but I got the $5!

My buddy lost a bet at a bar and had to lick another man's foot heel to toes.
Tongue touching the entire way!

I lost a bet when I was in culinary school and had to eat a fried lamb eyeball.

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