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The Thing He Does in the Bedroom to Turn Me Off

Posted: 2013-11-12 11:16 AM
When he doesn't trim his nose hairs & they're hanging out. I actually have to get after him to trim them & stop tucking them back up into his nose.

My husband likes to make sure Sports Center is on the TV for "Background Ambiance". Not happening for me!

My husband likes to watch himself in the mirror while having sex.

My boyfriend said to me " hey babe remind me to call my mother after we are done here, thanks."

He acts all innocent when he "accidentally" goes near the wrong entrance. It's exit only!

After eating a huge dinner he remarked about the needing to do the biggest poop ever when he got home.

He Dutch Ovened me!! I rolled over to try and start sexy time and when I lifted up the covers, the smell of dead stale butt rushed to my nostrils!

Disgusting clearing of the throat after he sucks in his own snot.

When his sweat drips all over me.

His long icky toenails.

As we get undressed, my husband thinks it's funny to toss his underwear onto my head.

I know they think it's sexy, but that whole helicopter thing, you know what I'm referring to "HELICOPTER, HELICOPTER" while swinging "it" around, so NOT sexy.

It turned me off when he let his dog crawl under the blankets with us while we were getting down and the dog brought the chew toy!

We were in the middle of making love when he found a zit on my back and started trying to pop it!

When they keep nudging you to their preferred position!

He took off his shirt to reveal a tattoo of the Pillsbury Doughboy on his chest! Game over.

It really turns me off when he grabs my boobs like he's picking apples!

When he leaves his socks on because he's "Chilly". Ugh. Man up!

When he puts chewing tobacco in his mouth before our intimate moment.

When he calls you by another name...While you are married to him!

When he starts Baby Talk while we're doing it.

It really turns me off when my hubby wrecks the bathroom right before and I mean WRECK!

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