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She Needs an Attitude Adjustment Because...

Posted: 2013-12-02 09:48 AM
Her complaining about "cramping", suck it up.

Because I need to get laid more.

Just because you made a dish for the Thanksgiving Potluck doesn't mean you belong on the food network.

Because phones are meant to be answered... not just to play Candy Crush.

She made us turn the TV off with the football game on & nobody in the family even knows how to talk to each other anyway!

I made a comment about her sister's boobs bouncing when she dished out mashed potatoes. My wife freaked out and walked away from Thanksgiving dinner.

My wife wanted to drive home from Miami after an 8 day cruise and now she's cranky for the last couple of hours. We have 30 min left. She chose this!

I am tired of hearing her complain that I don't do enough to help with our 10 month old twins over the holiday. She said all I did was watch football. Which is true. BUT I just had my gallbladder removed!

When I tell my wife I know where we are going she DOES NOT have to pull out her GPS to double check!!!

My wife needs an attitude adjustment because she freaked out when I told her I hope that when she gets older she loses weight and is as skinny as her mom.

It's my husband that needs an attitude adjustment... for no other reason other
than he's being a complete PAIN IN THE ASS lately! End of story!

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