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My Worst Day at Work

Posted: 2013-12-06 09:56 AM
I do scientific research and I started a fire in the lab, it was my first week working there! : (

Working at Target. One night while closing the store, I was lucky enough to discover that a customer had opened a jar of mayo and spread it ALL OVER THE AISLE!

A client's hair melted off right in my hands. I am a hairdresser and the woman was not honest with me. She had a product on her hair that reacted to the perm solution I applied to her head. Hair gone!

I had to clean up an adults poop off of a baby changing table. The turf was well over a foot long!

A coworker gave me a Vicodin and told me it'd cure my hangover. 30 minutes later I got the spins, puked in my mouth while running to the men's room, swallowed it and then projectile vomited all over the bathroom. Then someone flushed a toilet and I realized I was in the women's bathroom.

I found a camera hidden over my desk in the drop ceiling peaking through a tiny hole. WTH!? A coworker was spying on me!

I accidentally set off all of the fire alarms in the building and everyone had to be evacuated into the bitter cold. : (

I secretly took a company car to interview for another job. Bombed the interview and came out to discover car was towed.

I was on am extremely high fiber diet and while doing paperwork at a dealership I sneezed... hard. My pants were destroyed.

My boss asked me to pose for his wife's art class, she had a lot of head portraits in the office. So I get there, and this month they're doing nudes. In my twenties I would have stood there proud. Not so much at 45.

I work in IT, I accidentally took down the entire T-mobile network in the downtown Chicago area for about 6 to 8 hours. Worst part, I was on T - mobile so they couldn't get a hold me to let me know.

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