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What annoys you about your spouse's friends?

Posted: 2013-12-11 10:15 AM
My husband's friend 'Jimmy' that always drops by at dinner time, eats everything, drinks all our beer, then proceeds to make a huge stinky deposit in our bathroom and leaves.

Her friend thinks it's okay to have no job and constantly ask my girlfriend to buy her gas and purses because, "We've been best friends for over 2 years."

None of my boyfriend's friends have had successful relationships. They constantly get in his head about all the terrible things that I will most definitely do to him, and he ends up paranoid and vengeful for no reason.

His friend is almost 60 and still wears affliction t-shirts and has one night stands with women he picks up in bars. He then shares naked photos of the trampy women with my husband.

He has a friend that blinks way more than the average person.

I hate my husbands friend Bob, because I actually dated him before I met my
husband and my husband still does not know. Bob will drop random information about me to my husband, trying to stir things up!

My husband's friend insists that cheese wiz is a food group and insists they each have an entire can over 25 habenero hot wings during football. I deal with the aftermath every night, not pretty.

His best friend's wife is basically a nympho porn star or at least that's the story I get. My husband always comes home after hanging with him and he's all charged up with crazy ideas. I have to pretend I'm sleeping to let him down easy. There's no way I'm doing that crazy stuff!

His best friend is always taking him on "adventures" which involve excessive drinking, strip joints, and young girls.

My husband meets with his roommates from college meet once a year- they have formed a tradition called the "winter jager run". They rent a hotel at michigan state, drink a 1/2 gallon of jager in 60 minutes (between 4 of them) and then run a 5k in speedos... Yep just speedos. They are 35 this year and the hotel is already booked... Welcome to my living nightmare.

I dread my husband's friends even calling! They are mooches! My husband is a business owner with heavy equipment. Every visit, phone call, and pop in results in someone asking to borrow a bob cat, plow, tool, or something! And no one ever fills up a gas tank, or washes equipment, or helps him out.

They never stop touching one another. Man boob slapping, grabbing each other asses, whatever they can grab they grab on each other.

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