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The Most Unromantic Christmas Gift I've Ever Received

Posted: 2013-12-17 09:44 AM
A CD organizer for my car that clips to the visor.

A gym membership.

Grocery store gift cards.

Socks and bowling shoes.

A mop, a bottle of lotion, and a new razor with corresponding razor blade

A garbage disposal.

My hubby bought me a session of air duct cleaning and a set of neon colored
scrunchies because I "liked them in the 80's!"

I got a set of jumper cables and a 9 volt battery for the TV remote control.

I got my girlfriend Tiffany earrings last year and I got a Papa Johns gift card.

A half set of used lingerie.

My girlfriend burned me a CD, bought a single new tire for my car, and a $4 bottle of Moscato wine.

I was 17 and my boyfriend at the time gave me an old comb that he said he'd had since he was a kid. He wanted me to have a piece of him.

I received a tongue scraper for Christmas from my husband.

Two Christmases ago my gf got me a small sparrow. I love birds. She was so excited, she wrapped the bird up for me, about 2weeks early. No holes, no food, no water... I opened a small dead bird on Christmas morning.

One year my husband got me a book on tape called "Hypnosis for Aggressive
Type A Personalities".

An old boyfriend gave me a box bullets and a quilted flannel shirt. I don't own gun.

A pooper scooper. My husband actually wrapped up a pooper scooper and put it under the tree.

My dad bought me a 26 lb block of cheese. He said with all the whining I'd done that year it should go great together. He tells me to man up all the time.

My ex gave me a "Learn to Be a Salesman" how to package so that I could "get a second job".

My wife gave me an acne solution kit for Christmas.

He gave me one of those plastic, make you sweat workout suits!

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