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Your Unexpected Circumstance at Midnight on New Year's Eve

Posted: 2014-01-07 09:01 AM
I was at a party and the boy I have been crushing on was there so my plan was to kiss him at midnight. Just before midnight I was talking to him and he puked all over my shirt. So at the stroke of midnight I was washing puke out of my shirt.

I was in the men's room at wedding reception in Boston after a bad reaction
to eating my first oyster.

At midnight my buddy purposed to his girlfriend. All of us guys do not like her AT ALL. With the liquor flowing in our systems, my one buddy spent the next hour telling him what a mistake he was making... all in front of her.

I ran into my former boss at a party and spent the night holding her hair back in the bathroom.

At midnight on New Year's Eve I was signing release paperwork in the emergency room after receiving stitches in my chin. I wish I had a cool story as to how it happened. Realistically, I paid an expensive cover to a NYE party, had one expensive beer, and then fainted before anything even began. Luckily, my face broke my fall on the concrete ground.

I thought I had 10 more minutes to midnight on New Years Eve I went to the
bathroom I didn't know how long I was in the bathroom but I came out it was
already 12:01.

Our house closing was delayed, so my husband and I were moving into our new house and at midnight we were carrying in boxes from the moving truck so we could get it back to the rental lot in time.

I was at the Blue Chip casino next to a girl playing the wheel of fortune machine with her boobs!!!

The bar we were at had an awesome popcorn machine. I missed the countdown at midnight because I was standing alone in a corner shoveling popcorn into my mouth.

At midnight, my best friend was sitting on a glass table and as we cheered one two... She broke thorough the glass table. So I spent the first 3 hours at the ER. She got 22 stitches in one butt cheek and 3 in the other.

Had car trouble. At midnight I was in a dirty tow truck with an enormous driver who was eating strong pastrami and onion sandwiches doing shots of what appeared to be homemade moonshine.

All night I'd been avoiding my ex and his bimbo new girlfriend. At midnight, she grabbed me and invited me to join them for a threesome!

At 11:50 I accidentally put ear wax removal drops in my eye instead of contact
drops because I fell asleep on coach....miss countdown due to massive burning.

Just before the countdown, I was asked by a random couple to take a photo of
their midnight kiss. Apparently, it was clear I was there alone.

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