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The Weirdest Dream You've Had Recently

Posted: 2014-01-21 09:53 AM
Weird dream- Freddy Krueger and I were teamed up and I was helping him find people to torture. He left me alone as long as I helped him. :-/

Last night I dreamt I was dating George Clooney. He bought me a Rolex and then Brad Pitt and Gwenyth Paltrow asked me to pitch in for George's surprise
birthday party.

I was driving in a Vegas with Charles Nelson Reilly and we stopped at a Stuckey's and he wanted powdered nuts.

Queen Latifah and I were having brunch together. That's it.

Last week I had a dream that I died but I was really happy about it because I was able to haunt people and so I went into my ex husbands house and was haunted him and his wife!

Got a tattoo across my rib cage of the name of the young adult clothing store,
Aeropostale. I've never been there in my life & I'm a 43 year old female.

I had a dream last night that Mark Wahlberg was laid out in my parents old Buick in their garage smoking crack. I was trying to get him out before my parents saw him!

I have a recurring dream of dialing the rotary phone with the wrong number
and I have to start over and over and over! It's so stressful and exhausting!

An elaborate dinner party fund raiser turned into an orgy in the basement. And yes, I WAS sleeping on my stomach.

I dreamt I got a tattoo of a dragon that covered the front of my body. It was nice, but I was really embarrassed because it was upside-down!

Had a dream I was Jack Dawson, Leonardo DiCaprio's character from Titanic.

Weird dream- went to work and my boss asked me why I didn't bring a chicken to work. Apparently everyone brought a chicken and we were to have relay races to determine how much our bonuses would be.

I dreamt I had a scar on my knee. I cut it open and pulled out something covered in slime. I rinsed it off and it was my daughter's fish.

Went to a Bon Jovi concert at a Chinese buffet and they cancelled. They were
replaced by karaoke hosted by the Doodlebops.

Had a dream Bill Murray came to my house, grabbed my hand, and flew me to the loop where we attended a Cubs game, smoked pot, and ate Twinkies.

Two nights ago I had a dream I was at an exotic store buying some new gifts for my girlfriend and I look over and my dad is in line checking out with a pile
of gifts for my mom!

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