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What's the weird situation in your office right now?

Posted: 2014-01-22 09:37 AM
The owner's son is dating the owner's secretary and the owner is dating his
secretary's mom.

I work with my ex husband's grandma. We've managed to work right across from each other without speaking for 3 years now.

After a conflict with coworker, she went silent for over 3 months. There are only 6 people in our office and she didn't talked to ANYONE for 3 months!

My VERY GOOD friend, as well as co-worker emailed our boss Monday morning with the message "this is my notice, I am not returning to work after my vacay, I am staying here in Florida."

Someone stole twenty breakfast burritos from the break room fridge and the guy they belonged to is furious!

I just broke up with my boyfriend, who is my boss and his ex-wife was just hired on as well. One big happy family!!

The owners "parted ways" with the CFO, but asked him to stay and show his
replacement around for the next 2-4 weeks.

The girl that works with me and will not speak to me... has been sabotaging my work... and she just applied to be my supervisor!!!!!!

Our co-worker has & continues to have extra relationships with the CEO & COO and an outside sales person, but none of them know she's playing them all!

Weirdest thing at work: the guy in the office next to me talking to himself all
Day non-stop!!!

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