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The Lie I'm Living in the Middle of Right Now

Posted: 2014-01-23 09:27 AM
My 'I have a Dr. appointment' white lie somehow turned into my boyfriend thinking I have a serious medical condition but I was just getting laser hair removal secretly.

I created a fake account on a dating website and am messaging back and forth with my ex. I included fake pics and everything. I just want to find out if he is blaming me for our break up.

My husband and I are directors in a corporate firm. The secret is that nobody at work knows that my husband I were dating let alone that we got married December 20th!

We don't know how much longer we can keep this secret, it is very scary and
stressful most of the time.

I told my girlfriend I'm taking Spanish classes on Tuesday nights so that her Spanish speaking parents will like me more, but I just go to Wal-Mart and shop around the electronics section.

I told the guy I'm dating that I am certified diver, but I'm not! Now, he's is planning a diving trip for us for April and I don't know what to do!

I got hired last month as an Accountant and during the interview I lied and said I know how to do financial reporting and my boss just asked for reports...

My husband thinks I am going out of town for an educational conference, in reality I am going to Mardi Gras with my girlfriends. Lets catch some beads!!!

Told the girl I'm fooling around with I'm in med school at University of Chicago, but I'm actually just the custodian there.

I've been living in a condo building for four years and the maintenance guy calls me by the wrong name, I haven't had the heart to correct him. I just go with it.

I lied about wanting to continue my relationship with my boyfriend so I can stay at his place for the remainder of my internship to make my commute shorter.

I told my wife that "I WON this brand new Xbox One!" So she wouldn't get mad
at me for spending some of our wedding money on it.

I lied to my parents when I told then I am living alone in Chicago. In reality,
my boyfriend is living with me and if my devoutly Catholic parents found out,
they would stop speaking to me!

Told the wife when we met that I played basketball in Europe. Never been
to Europe. Not good.

I told my husband the MasterCard bill was $1023. It's really $6970.

We've been divorced for 12 years but everyone thinks we are still married
including our kids.

My family thinks I volunteer at a soup kitchen every Sunday but I'm really at
Starbucks sipping coffee & enjoying some damn peace & quiet.

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