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I was so broke I ____.

Posted: 2014-02-05 09:46 AM
I pawned my boyfriend's ex-fiancee's engagement ring. To be fair, it was very
small. He never noticed until I told him after we were married and we laughed.

In Michigan during college, my now wife and I searched the side of roads so we could find cans on side of road to cash in for date night money.

I was once so broke, I didn't have enough money for toilet paper so I had to use coffee filters.

In my very early college days, I sold my winter jacket to my friend's younger brother for a bag of nickels. I used that bag of nickels at the Arby's drive thru.

I was so broke I had to buy the generic fake SPAM from the dollar store.

We paid the babysitter with a Tampax Rebate check and Kohl's Cash.

I was so broke I made saltine and cheese wiz nachos for my in laws at our
engagement dinner. Did you know wiz expires? We all got violently ill.

I was so broke I got banned from several grocery stores for excessive deli sampling because I ate all 3 meals there.

I was so broke I plugged 3 100ft extension cords to the outlet on the side of my neighbor's garage so I could keep my refrigerator running. We did it for 2 months and he never noticed!

In college after a football game you could turn in your ticket stub for a two for
one Whoppers. I would stand outside with old tickets asking people if they were planning on ordering a Whopper.

My roommate and I were so broke that we would go the local pizza place that had an all you can eat lunch buffet and eat like hibernating bears every other day.

I was once so broke that I had to steal my neighbor's Chicago Tribune for
two weeks and use it as toilet paper.

I was so broke I snuck into a movie theater with friends and then searched for a popcorn tub and large drink cup in the garbage for free re-fills.

I split my one two ply roll into two one ply rolls.

I wore socks on my hands as gloves while riding my bike to work. I couldn't
afford gloves.

I had to choose between buying food for myself, or dogfood for my dog. I chose the dog food, and ate a bowl of it.

When we were engaged, as wedding gifts arrived, we returned them and
Used the cash to pay rent.

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