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The dating Red Flag that you missed...

Posted: 2014-02-06 10:14 AM
He made me pay for my own dollar burger from Wendy's off the value menu.

He never mentioned his fiancee... We never went to his place, should have known.

His parents are nudists.

His pot habit.

He didn't eat vegetables.

When on the first date I didn't want to have sex with him in his back seat... then on the second date he got pissed I didn't ask him in And said he was really "hoping to have sex tonight".

I missed the red flag of him introducing me to his 7 cats and each of their
personalities on our second date.

Red flag should have been- the mini van he drove, he was supposed to be a single man... No he had 2 kids and a wife. Red flag!

I missed that I brought a dumb ass to my house to introduce to my parents.
Unfortunately, I was blinded by his good looks.

When on our second date he offered to show me the results of his recent test for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. PLUS his divorce wasn't even final yet.

He wore these ugly red pants ALL THE TIME! Big no no..

She called her mother DURING our dates to update her how things were going - She would actually provide her with details of the date - "yes he was on time" - "the restaurant is gorgeous" - "his apartment is very clean".

He was only available to see me in 2-3 hour windows... During the day...and we texted/talked all day, but never past 5pm... Yep! He was married.

"I can't hang out tomorrow, I have a meeting with my PO" - I had no idea that PO meant parole officer...

I could never get a hold of him during weekdays, but he said he didn't have a job... come to realize he was still in high school. I on the other hand, was not.

His Facebook profile picture was him with no shirt on trying to show off.

We were at his house and the phone rang, a girl left a message for Stan, when he told me his name was Mark. His explanation, "That's my middle name." It ended up he was a male escort!

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