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The Rumor I Want to Start...

Posted: 2014-02-07 09:35 AM
I would like to start the rumor that the mother of Justin Timberlake's love
child is from Arlington Heights.

I heard Kim Kardashian is leaving Kanye for another chick.

Hugh Heffner is having a baby!

Summer technically begins tomorrow.

Eating chocolate makes you smarter.

Madonna is actually Miley Cyrus' mom.

My friend works at the gap. I would like to start a rumor that he got demoted
and now he works at Baby Gap.

I heard Betty White is pregnant.

I have a co-worker with nasty cold sores... so does our boss. I heard they
got them from each other.

I'm a Car Salesman. At night, my boss dances thru the car dealership naked.

The rumor I'd like to start is that Coach Q is just a puppet being controlled by his mustache.

That Ellen Degeneres is actually a classically trained dancer.

My coworker has been sleeping with my boss and just got a huge raise for it. I
want to start THAT as a rumor... maybe throw in an unplanned pregnancy too!

Thunder bay is in Michigan, but Sharp claims it's Canada.

To spice things up this season, the Cubs and Sox will trade stadiums.

Neil Patrick Harris really is a doctor. He loved playing Doogie Houser so much that he went to med school during his down time from TV and movies.

Snapchat is planning to automatically upload every photo and video you've ever sent to Facebook.

I heard Melissa puts ketchup on her Twinkies.

I'd like to spread the rumor that my brother's girlfriend cheated on him so he
can dump the skank.

I want to start a rumor that my friend won the lotto for a couple hundred million. Then watch as everyone he's ever met starts asking him for money!

Omg! I just heard the Spice Girls are getting back together!!! I can't wait to

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