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The Time You Were Too Forward

Posted: 2014-02-12 09:38 AM
I was drunk at a party and kept asking this very attractive girl to take pictures with people. Truthfully, I was taking close ups of her boobs. She grabbed my phone to see the photos and she called me out.

As my ER patient laid injured on a backboard and in a neck collar I thought hmm this would be a good time to slip this guy my number... and I did.

While getting my wisdom teeth pulled and under the effects of nitrous oxide, I
repeatedly tried kissing the oral surgeon!

I was chatting this guy up all night and as I'm walking out the bar I spot him talking to a group of friends. I write my number on a napkin and slip it in his pants, all the way down into his underwear.

At a dive bar after too many drinks in I pushed a coworker against the wall and said "I've wanted to bang you since the day I saw you. Let's go." Needless to say working together was awkward from then on.

A few years ago, my girlfriends and I were out dancing. After too many drinks I see this hot guy eyeing me and I grab him on the dance floor and kiss him. Just in time for his fiance to get back with their drinks.

I saw a man carrying a crying little girl on his shoulders out of a mall, I stopped him so I could check if he was really related to her or if he was kidnapping her!

I was extremely intoxicated at the Boston St. Patty's Day parade and aggressively made out with a uniformed NYC police officer who had just exited a float.

I bragged to a woman about my ability to pick up any female, then I attempted to lift her off her feet. She screamed. I dropped her on the ground and ran away.

In college I drunkenly & very loudly asked my RA when we were going to have sex. I was publicly shot down in front of a huge group of people.

I was out with some friends on rush and division and there was somebody dressed up in a big bear costume. I was so excited I jump the bear and tackled it to the ground.

In college, I was at a bar drunk and asked a guy if he played baseball, he said no. Then I said, "Well, take a walk to first base" as I lifted my shirt and put his hands on my boobs.

During a company Holiday Party I kissed a guy coworker who I thought was into me, but realized he wasn't when he immediately turned and walked off the dance floor.

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