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The Secret Your Keeping from Your Significant Other

Posted: 2014-02-20 14:48 PM
I never told my fiancee I slept with her best friend right after we first
started dating and I called her friend her name in bed.

I don't tell him that I have a maid come clean the house. I just let him think that I've done it all.

When I found out he had cheated with someone we had worked with, I wrote two fake customer complaints to corporate headquarters. And then they were put under supervision.

After 11 years of marriage and 3 kids I found out my ex had NO drivers license.

Yet he drove carpools etc. He lost it three years before we met!

I neglected to tell my husband that I knew I couldn't have children before we were together.

I racked up $34k on the credit card in one year...he thinks it's only$11k.

I scratched the rims on his brand new sports car while learning how to parallel
park. I convinced him he did it.

He doesn't know I had an experience with another woman at my bachelorette party.

I JUST found out (after dating a year) that he likes to wear women's underwear and wants to be spanked...

I'm a guy my girlfriend has no idea that I was a cheerleader in high school.

I haven't told my current fiance that I've been engaged 3 other times.

I'm working my ass off to save money so that I can take our kids and leave him.

I lost the necklace he gave me for Christmas after a few days. I googled it
and replaced it before he knew!

I haven't told my husband of 3 years I have over $30,000 in cash hidden in
our house.

I had a secret fling with my now husbands brother before we started dating.
Neither of us will ever say a word!

It's not the neighbor's dog pooping on our front lawn. It's our dog. I've been too lazy to pick her poop up though.

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