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The Day I Would Re-Live...

Posted: 2014-03-07 09:36 AM
The day I won $5,000 on a $3 scratch off when I just turned 21! It was a good
week that I dont remember.

If I could relive a day, it would be when I saw Tay Tay Swift in concert.

The best day of my life was my first night in Vegas at the craps table last year! I'm married with 3 kids and that night doesn't compare to anything else!

I would re-live 2/16/2014, forever known as the day I touched Justin Timberlake's pants. For the record, I'm a 33, married, mother of three.

The day I hit the tri-fecta. I nailed three guys in one day 24 hrs. Two dinner dates and a lunch date!

The day I seduced my son's coach cuz I had a crush on him for two yrs. Mmm!

My prom night! I was getting over a cold and a pulled muscle in my leg... my poor date thought I was not having fun with him.

My friend and I were sitting in the nosebleed section of a Billy Joel concert when a man who worked for Billy Joel offered to switch out our nosebleeds for first row tickets. We thought it had to be a scam, but it wasn't. We sat in the first row for the entire concert.

The day I drove the guy I was dating to his colonoscopy at Northwestern, while he was in I got to go shopping on magnificent mile with his credit card!

I would re-live the day I went to a Lonestar concert at a race car speedway in
Minnesota. I was 16, got on stage and danced with the band then went backstage and made out with one of the band members!

I wouldn't look over my friend's shoulder as she raised a hammer to break the lock on her high school locker. I lost 2 front teeth!

The night I played craps with 7 Elvis impersonators at Mandalay Bay in Vegas.
Then partied with them all night!

I would go back to the day I dislocated my knee for the first time and try to make that not happen.

Senior year, the day before finals at U of I, smoking cigars and drinking with 2 good friends while dancing on top of a van to Footloose.

The day the school bully threw a banana peel at my face when walking to my locker. I wish I had slapped her with my flip flop. Instead I kept walking.

It would be the day I went to an opening of a strip mall bar with the colleagues. Free liquor was provided and DJ Pauly D was there. I eventually got "care free" enough to hook up with someone who reported to me... and now we're engaged!

I would re-live a day when I ate a whole 18 oz. bag of Oreos (45 cookies!)- the best day ever.

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