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The Question You've Always Wanted Answered

Posted: 2014-03-13 09:43 AM
Why do men have nipples?

Is it normal to fart when you cough?

Is it "butt baked" or "buck naked"?

How can a door be ajar???

When you shave the hairs from your bow-bow, does it make any difference?

Where does that 1 shoe on the roadside come from?

Do men prefer Brazilian or just bikini waxing on their ladies?

When you have a cold, where does all the stuff you blow out of your nose
come from?!

Why is it called a pair of jeans?

If liquids freeze when it's cold, then why does my nose start to get runny when the temperature drops?

Why do different accents exist?

Y do they call Ding Dongs that and Ho Hos that? Shouldn't it be the other way
around based on they're shape?

When you get old, do your pubes turn grey, or just fall out??

Why is whip called Whip?

What does sex feel like for guys? Particularly the "big moment".

What happens to the tube in your body (that is now your belly button) after you are born?

Who mows the lawn in all the zombie TV shows?

What would chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?

Who came up with the first curse word? More so the F word.

Which one "really" eats the socks? Washer or dryer? Where do they go?

Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

My question...my husband is obsessed with my boobs. What is so appealing
about boobs to a guy?

Why do I Continually press harder and harder on the buttons of my TV remote
when the batteries are gradually dying? Does this even work?

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