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People Have a Hard Time Believing...

Posted: 2014-03-19 09:45 AM
No one can believe that I have a 22 year old and a 2 year old.
I was almost killed by a lion. While cleaning out animal cages, communication lines got crossed and I found myself face to face with an adult male lion.

One of my many jobs in college was being the Easter bunny.

People have a hard time believing that I ran into Hootie and the Blowfish in a bar in Detroit. I ended up making out with Hootie!

I drove my teacher's car in 5th grade.

I've run into Marion 5 at Chipotle in Barrington and Jonas Brothers at Cracker Barrel in Romeoville.

People find it hard to believe that I'm 27 and have gone through 30 cars since
I was 18.

People have a hard time believing I've only worn jeans twice in my entire life.

I'm a doctor and two of my med students (one of them being a boy) were in the delivery room when I was delivering my daughter. Awkward.

I've been the victim of projectile vomit twice.

Once on our way to Door County we blew our transmission in Port Washington, WI. We stopped at a diner to ask where we could find a mechanic. A man overhead our plight and drove us all the way back to Chicago to get my husband's car. He was a complete stranger. A Vietnam vet just trying to do a good deed. He asked only for gas money.

My daughter's head was out & I still needed an emergency c section. I was wheeled down the hall to the OR with her forehead out.

People have a hard time believing I am related to the Unabomber.

During my annual physical, I had my doctor and two med students in the room, one of which was a very attractive woman. During the part where my doc "checks down below" he grabbed one side and she grabbed the other.

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