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My BIG Revelation

Posted: 2014-03-28 09:45 AM
Until my sister in law told me when I was about 35, I did not know eating asparagus caused an "odor".

I never realized that the logo for Target was an actual "target" until a friend told me.

I realized donut holes are called donut holes because they are the dough from the hole of a donut.

I've gone through the majority of my life hating all vegetables. I love onion rings and never realized that onions are vegetables.

I thought that men wiped after they went pee.

If you put your iPhone into an empty solo cop to play music, it will project sound like a speaker.

I didnt know Coldstone Creamery was called that because they mix the ice cream on an actual "cold stone".

I recently realized that the Kay jewelers commercial had a double meaning with their tagline: Every kiss begins with Kay. I realized they also meant the word kiss begins with "k".

My revelation was if you unfold the Chinese food take out boxes it becomes a plate.

I just found out that flight attendants can unlock airplane bathrooms from the
outside. No more mile high club attempts!

Until the age of 18, I thought that oral sex meant dirty talk.

I never understood the saying "when you assume you make an ass out of u and me." until I was in my 20s. I thought it was just a clever saying, not a remark on the spelling of the word.

When I was a kid and would go through the toll, my dad would give me change while I was sitting on the passenger side and say, "you can throw it in if it it's on your side." One day I finally realized it, threw the change at him and said, "It's never on my side!"

I thought "chi town" was pronounced "Ch-eye town" but my husband told me
It's "shy town" and proceeded to make fun of me.

Pizza rolls are mini hot pockets.

Baby carrots aren't baby anything! They're big carrots carved down to little ones.

In middle school I realized that when I went to sleepovers, my parents
were probably at home doin it.

I learned yesterday that there is actually vodka in pasta sauce "a la vodka".

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