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Every woman ought to...

Posted: 2014-04-11 09:48 AM
Shop rodeo drive.

Learn to Change a tire.

See the Thunder Down Under!

Fill the bath tub with your favorite flavor of jello and jump in its refreshing
and fun!!!

Every woman aught to invest in a good quality vibrator!!

Every woman ought to hire a photographer for a professional portraiture shoot so someone can capture that candid beauty in her that she's not always aware of.

Go to the strip club and make it rain.

Every woman ought to know how to gamble.

A woman should be able to throw a good right punch!

Every woman should live by herself away from family and friends -- where no
one knows her, no past baggage to deal with, no drama.

Every woman should skydive once. The silence up there is beyond words.

Every woman should be able to financially support herself.

Do a performance on a stage in front of an audience.

Every woman should have the opportunity to be in bed with several men at one time to either serve them or have them serve her. Which ever she chooses.

Learn to use at least one power tool.

Every woman ought to eat a banana normally without everyone staring at her.

Swim naked in a lake, and then dry off in the sun.

Every woman should ask a guy out at least once!

Marry just once for the money.

Go to Vegas with a group of girlfriends.

Every woman ought to go on a sports road trip with a group of men!
Join the mile high club.

Solo spa weekend. :)

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