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Why I ended the date early...

Posted: 2014-04-16 09:48 AM
He talked for 45 minutes straight. At the 45 minute mark I stood up, nodded my head, and walked out...

We were eating dinner at Texas Roadhouse and I sharted.

He threw up on our table at dinner because he ate food he was allergic to - he was upset because I wouldn't be his steady girl.

Went on a first date at UNOs pizza. The guy ordered a large pizza. I got one piece and he ate the remainder....in one sitting. I was disgusted and left.

He whispered in my ear that he likes to wear women's panties and he wanted me to go take mine off...and slip them under the table. I said okay, walked toward the restroom and asked the waitress to take me out the kitchen exit.

The guy kept making me feel his gastric lap belt scar.

He mentioned his first cousins were married in Kentucky but, didn't think it was that weird.

He fought with the cashier at Ikea for a discount on our $1 ice cream cones.

When the bill for dinner came and he slid it to me... I told him I left my wallet in the car. So I grabbed my purse and left.

On a 2nd date, I went to his house before we headed out. In his living room he had a board posted with his "goals": buy dog food, mow lawn, get a long-term girlfriend.

I ended the date early when we were asked to leave the mini golf course
because he got upset and had a very loud, adult tantrum.

He asked how old my daughter was and I said "16".... He said... "Ohhhhh.... What a nightmare".... I commented excuse me... He said... Well I used to have to pick up my ex-wife's daughter from jail all the time".... Date over - good night.

Because he started off the date serenading me with Mr. Big's, "To Be with You".

His idea of a nice dinner was Old Country Buffet and when he tried to hold my
hand, he held me by the wrist. Seriously?!?!

He split his pants while at a carnival. Problem was he was commando.

I left a date early because the guy bathed himself and his car in Tommy Hill
figure cologne, and I felt nauseous from the fumes. He also said online that he looked like Lance Bass from Nsync, but since when does Lance Bass weigh
300 pounds and have 3 chins?!?

He paid with a gift card we had dinner at 4:00 pm.

He told me I had breasts identical to his mother's...

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