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The Question You Want to Ask Your Spouse Anonymously

Posted: 2014-04-29 09:43 AM
Why do you REALLY want a 3rd kid?

Does my husband still have the 'videos' of his ex? And if so, does he still watch them?

Did you really need fries with that?

Can you please wax your butt?

Am I really big enough?

15 years later it still bothers me: Who really ate that last piece of wedding cake?

Does my # of 41 really bother you? His is 2, including me.

Which of my friends do you find the most attractive?

What really happened during your bachlorette party?

Do you love your step-son, or do you just say it to make your wife happy?

What do you really do when you have the house to yourself?

If you could get fixed up with a sexy, beautiful woman for just one night with the possibility of me never finding out. Would you do it?

What types of financial accounts do you have hidden from me and how much
money do you have invested or saved?

Am I your best sex? If not do you miss him??

Do you really think you do even close to the amount of work/chores that I do?

My husband and I grew up together and I know he slept with a woman we both know, but he won't tell me who she is!

Do you hide my sexy underwear for personal use? They are always missing then just appear out of nowhere!

Are you using the same moves with me that you've used with other women?

Honestly, what are the top three reasons that you married me?

Do you secretly lust after my friend Marsha?

Why does your sister keep telling me you settled?

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