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If We Got Married Where We Met...

Posted: 2014-05-05 09:41 AM
Long John Silvers.

In a McDonald's drive thru.

Community pool.

Picket line.

A tow yard.

In a pickup truck in Africa.

I met my husband at the Rockhouse in Rolling Meadows. It's now a supermercardo. So I guess we'd get married in the chorizo aisle?

My ex-husband's back yard :)

I met my husband at his storage unit.

Victoria Secret thong section. And yes it's as complicated as it sounds
In the back of a police paddy wagon.

Fighting over the last jar of pickles at Piggly Wiggly.

Frat house in Bloomington/Normal Illinois.

On a plane in flight from Chicago to New York. Thank you United Airlines.

We met at the YMCA.

Party at my parent's wood panel, red linoleum basement.

We knew each other in high school, but reconnected at Target.

I met my wife while getting a health inspection at my restaurant.

We met at The United Center! Hawks vs. Canucks. He's Canadian, I'm American! Game ended in a tie!

My husband and I met in middle school band class.

My husband and I met at wig party outside in the parking lot next to some

We met when I was playing bingo with my grandma. I was very happy to see a
good looking young man calling numbers amidst all of the older people.

Anatomy lab over a dead cadaver in med school.

At my first wedding.

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